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About Teach For Malaysia

Our Mission

Teach For Malaysia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to provide all children in Malaysia the opportunity to attain an excellent education. A child’s background and systemic injustices often determines his or her outcome in life. Children in less privileged communities do not have the same access to education opportunities. This is neither right, nor fair.

What We Do

We partner with the Ministry of Education to build a movement of leaders to have immediate and long-term impact on underprivileged communities across Malaysia. We recruit outstanding graduates and young professionals into our Leadership Development Programme, to teach in for 2 years in full-time, fully-paid positions in high-need public schools. We also work closely with our Alumni network and other public and private sector partners to impact and transform the education system.

Our Impact

Since placing our first cohort in 2012, our movement of over 413 Fellows and Alumni, across 8 cohorts has impacted more than 111,000 students in over 157 schools across 10 states in Malaysia.

About our CEO

  • Chan Soon Seng
    Chief Executive Officer, Teach For Malaysia Alumnus (2012 Cohort)
    Soon Seng joined the inaugural Teach For Malaysia Cohort in 2012, and like many other Fellows and Alumni, the experience had a profound impact on his worldview. He was deeply moved by the challenges faced by students growing up in low-income communities and how it was the lack of opportunities, rather than the lack of ability, that prevented students from realising their desired potential. He holds a degree in Management and Marketing (Murdoch University) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Universiti Utara Malaysia). He envisions a holistic education system that not only develops students’ academics, but also their social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and leadership skills, in order to thrive in the 21st century.