Community Mobilisation

To expand our movement and accelerate progress towards our vision, we are launching Community Mobilisation to drive systemic change and scale our impact.

What is the Tutoring Programme?

The Tutoring Programme is an initiative designed to provide an opportunity for passionate changemakers like yourself to be part of the education recovery. By working with schools from B40 communities, you will gain first-hand experience and develop deeper understanding while addressing the impacts of COVID-19 school closures on students’ learning.

Many students have lost significant amounts of instructional time and will require remedial instruction to get back on track as teachers alone may not have the capacity to provide individualised student support. In this pilot phase, TFM aims to support student remediation by recruiting, onboarding and supporting passionate and credible volunteer tutors. Together with your contribution in this movement, TFM aims to reach students from high-need communities through remediation support to close learning gaps as a result of the pandemic.

Our Theory Of Change

  • Significant learning disruptions have been identified due to the prolonged COVID-19 school closures.

  • Volunteer Tutors will be recruited and onboarded to support student remedial instruction.

  • High-need schools will be provided the opportunity to recapture learning loss, reduce and revert the negative impacts of the pandemic on Malaysian education.

  • Learning loss and inequity problems are aimed to be addressed, tackled and solved to reach educational recovery.

Through TFM’s Tutoring Programme, I get to understand faster as my tutor teaches me in a very fun way that makes it easier for me to grasp the knowledge. I was also able to get fast response as the tutoring session is a very detailed session.

Muhammad DanishTutoring Programme Student ‘21

Why The Tutoring Programme?

Be part of our
education recovery
To gain direct experience in tackling and solving the learning loss and inequity problem by addressing challenges of distance learning due to the pandemic.

Be a changemaker to
empower the future leaders
To empower and support students from high-needs school to reduce the learning gap, thus restoring students’ motivation to learn and thrive.

Be visionary about
the impact you grow
To witness not just the growth of the students, but also the changes, passion and empathy developed in you while you develop the nation.

Benefits & Responsibilities

Grow your personal
and professional network

Work or volunteer alongside like-minded agents of change who are passionate about creating an impact in the education sector.

Accelerate your personal
& career development
Develop and obtain a set of strong, transferable skills that will enhance your personal and career development.

Possibility of flexible
tutoring arrangement
A minimum commitment of 4 hours per week to create an impact where tutoring can be scheduled based on you and your students’ availability.

The positive aspect of volunteering at Teach For Malaysia is I had the chance to see different aspects of the community, knowing that they come from very different levels. It also made me understand the level that my students were at and this information is useful for me to help my students.

Ang Yoke KeeVolunteer Tutor ‘21

The Application Process

Your journey through the application process will take approximately 1 week after applying. View our detailed information pack to learn more.

Online Application

Help us to get to know you better and demonstrate your understanding of Teach For Malaysia and TFM Tutoring Programme in your essay.

Matching Conversation

Share your experience and concerns during a 30-minute conversation with Teach For Malaysia.

Onboarding & Training

Attend our mandatory onboarding session as it provides training and insight into the current curriculum and pedagogy skills.

I realised that some students are more confident when they have one-to-one or small group learning experience. Tutoring session allows students to express themselves, learning in their full capacity and use their full potential without feeling like they are in a competition.

Rabiatul Kamsina Binti Md YusofSchool-Based Tutor, SMK Pendamaran Jaya

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