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Teach For Malaysia Fellowship: 2024 Cohort Registration of Interest

Important information
There are two parts to the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship application.

Part 1: Registration of Interest (5-10 mins)
Indicate your interest by providing brief details about yourself via this form. You will then receive a unique link tied to your registration to complete your full application.

Part 2: Full application
Please check your email for the unique link to activate your account and complete your full application. You will be asked to provide further information about your education and work experiences, as well as completing answers to several questions. You will be able to save the form as you progress and complete in your own time.

Apply for our 2024 Teaching Partner pathway! Please read our website for more information on this new pathway and its eligibility criteria.

We would like to encourage you to submit your application by our deadline: 11:59PM on 18th October 2023 (Malaysian time)
Before you proceed, you MUST meet the following eligibility criteria. Applications from ineligible candidates will not be processed.
You must be a Malaysian citizen to be eligible.
You must possess a Bachelor's degree to be eligible. Please visit our website to view the CGPA requirements.
You must be able to produce your official undergraduate transcript and proof of completion of studies latest by this date to be eligible for this cohort.
You must be proficient in both Bahasa Melayu and English Language to be eligible.
Personal Details

Please capitalise the first letter of your name, i.e. in the format "Full Name" instead of "full name" or "FULL NAME".

Please capitalise only the first letter using the format "First Name" instead of "first name" or "FIRST NAME".

Please capitalise only the first letter using the format "Last Name" instead of "last name" or "LAST NAME".

Please capitalise only the first letter using the format "Full Name" instead of "full name" or "FULL NAME".

Please state your CURRENT location.
If you are studying or working at a location far from home, please indicate your current location, not your permanent residence. Should you be eventually shortlisted, you may be invited to our interviews & assessments closest to your current location (if available).

Contact Details

Please ensure that you provide a valid email address which you would check regularly.


*Please do not convert to suit the scale provided, choose 'other' if your university does not use the CGPA or UK universities grading format. You must achieve a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 or equivalent (UK equivalent is Second Upper) at the time of graduation to be eligible.

E.g. 3.40/4.00, 73%, etc.

When will you be receiving/did you receive your Bachelor's Degree certificate/scroll and final academic transcript?

Only Bachelor's Degree graduates are eligible and candidates MUST provide certificate and final academic transcript as supporting documents for the employment process. 

Personal Statement

Writing a strong & clear motivation statement will help your application stand out. You will have the opportunity to further elaborate this in Part 2 of the Application Form later.
Additional Information

This form is your registration of interest. You will receive an email to complete your full application. 

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to seeing your applications soon!

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