The Fellowship Journey and Beyond

Learn more about the Fellowship’s leader development framework, what being a full-time teacher entails, and an overview of our Alumni network.

Preparing for the Fellowship

We recognise that Fellows come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. In order to maximise your growth and impact during the Fellowship, we run a comprehensive training programme to ensure all Fellows are fully prepared for service.

Pre-Service Programme

This intensive residential programme marks the start of your leadership training. The Pre-Service Programme is designed to equip Fellows with the fundamental skills and competencies necessary to teach and to lead in the classroom. You will first go through a comprehensive crash-course in pedagogy to build up your foundational mindsets, knowledge and skills as a teacher.Additionally, you’ll experience hands-on practical training by teaching students and receiving daily feedback & support, helping to sharpen your skills and accelerate your growth.

Placement Orientation

During this time, you will visit the region you have been placed in to serve, so you will have the opportunity to understand the local context of the community where you will serve and settle during the Fellowship.

Life As A Fellow

You’ll find that classroom leadership as a full-time teacher builds a foundation for long-term impact.

Well thought, balanced classes

From Monday to Friday and certain weekends, you will be teaching one or more subjects during either the morning or afternoon session. Fellows are involved in extracurricular activities as well.

Frequent Coaching

Every fortnight, you will meet up with your Leadership Development Officer (LDO), a TFM coach for development tracking and support to accelerate your growth.

Personal Growth

Every fortnight, you’ll meet with your Leadership Development Officer (LDO), a TFM coach assigned to support you, track your development and accelerate your growth.

Create Impact

In your second year, you’ll be working together with other Fellows on a project aimed at broadening your impact in the classroom to the wider community. Often, these projects have grown into social enterprises that continue even after the Fellowship.

Life As A Fellow

Duties as a teacher

Fellows are assigned to teach from Mondays to Fridays, and occasionally weekends when required by school authorities. Like other teachers, Fellows are expected to be involved in extracurricular activities and carry various responsibilities throughout the Fellowship.


Placement: Where do Fellows teach?

Fellows will be placed based on high-need vacancies within the government education system. Over the years, our Fellows have been placed in different regions including Johor, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Sabah, Sarawak and Selangor. Upon accepting your offer, we ask for you to be ready for the placement (and relocation). Our team will be readily available to help smoothen the transition such as facilitating housing search.

This year, we placed our 2023 Cohort Fellows back in Sarawak (our last Cohort in Sarawak was back in 2015) to continue bridging the education gap in Malaysia’s highest-need regions.


Subjects: What do Fellows teach?

Similar to placement locations, the subjects that Fellows are assigned to teach are based on high-need vacancies in placement regions. Typically, your field of study along with other factors will be taken into consideration on this matter.

You may be assigned to teach a subject that is not your preference, or that you do not feel confident to teach. As a Fellow, you will have access to support networks in your school and Fellowship peers, and from your Leadership Development Officer.



Our Fellows receive a competitive remuneration equivalent to a graduate teacher’s salary in the public school.


Overview of Alumni Pathways

The Alumni Movement is a core part of Teach For Malaysia. Regardless of their chosen career pathways, Alumni continue to work together across different sectors to champion for excellent education for all children.

To date, we have 447 Alumni as of beginning of 2022. 

Overview of Alumni Pathways

The Alumni Movement is a core part of Teach For Malaysia. Regardless of their chosen career pathways, Alumni continue to work together across different sectors to champion for excellent education for all children.

To date, we have 447 Alumni as of beginning of 2022. 

What Our Fellows Say

Alumni Impact






Fellows & Alumni





From championing quality education through in the classroom to driving innovation through policy, research and third sector work, they continue to grow their influence and secure resources to support the movement.

Whether continuing to impact learning in the system, or championing for education in the corporate and social sector, our Alumni play a big role in transforming education for students.

*On the assumption that all Alumni taught 150 students each during their Fellowship, and including the number of students impacted through alumni-founded organisations).

Alumni Initiatives

In Year 2 of the Fellowship, every Fellow runs an initiative directed at social or educational improvement in their community. After the Fellowship, some Alumni continue on as social entrepreneurs working in STEM, performing arts, literacy, school transformation, and student leadership.

Global School Leaders Malaysia

Led by Cheryl Fernando (2013)

Global School Leaders Malaysia is a school leadership development programme working with 24 schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The programme focuses on developing 4 domains of school leadership: Leading Learning, Leading for Equity, Leading People and Leading for School Improvement.

Learn More


Co-founded by Charis Ding (2013), Rachel Lim (2014), Alex Lim (2013) & Tay Sue Yen (2014)

MYReaders is a social enterprise that provides literacy programmes in schools and communities to empower children to read. As part of their core work, MYReaders provides literacy toolkits to students, delivers training to teachers and student mentors, and develops customised modules tailored to the needs of schools.

Learn More


Co-founded by Candee Chee (2016) and Khor Wei Ken (2016)

ARTspire is an initiative based in Pasir Gudang that aims to empower students to express themselves creatively and confidently through performing arts by providing a platform to learn and showcase themselves. ARTspire is a platform for students to develop fluency in English while developing their confidence creative expression.

Learn More
Johanan Wong, 2015 Cohort

Johanan shares some candid anecdotes of highs and lows with his students during his Fellowship in Miri, Sarawak.

Snapshot Of The Fellowship

Nadia Nicole and Juan Magrita, 2016 Cohort

Follow Nadia and Juan to school in Pasir Gudang, Johor, as they discuss what they have learnt in their roles as teachers.

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