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Graduating soon or still studying? Join our team as an intern or Campus Leader.

What are Interns and Campus Leaders?

Learn more about doing internship with TFM and becoming TFM’s brand ambassador as our Campus Leader.

As a Teach For Malaysia interns, you will be exposed to a professional learning environment that offers meaningful, practical work related to your field of study or career interest. This opportunity is good for advance career exploration and development and at the same time, to learn new skills.

You are also expected to work closely with the assigned team members on important and impactful projects. We develop our interns to shoulder real responsibilities and deliver meaningful outcomes for the organisation.

Interns can also expect to gain better insight into the non-profit and education sector, and have a clearer picture of their role in ending education inequity in Malaysia.

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Campus Leaders are a global network of university students united by a common mission – to improve education outcomes in Malaysia.

As Teach For Malaysia brand ambassadors, Campus Leaders work closely with the recruitment team to help spread the word about our movement on their university campuses around the world.

Campus Leaders play a significant role in the movement, and can expect to gain exposure working on high visibility campaigns to attract top graduates to the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship.


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Why you should be a TFM intern?

Interns at Teach For Malaysia have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a transformative educational experience.

By becoming interns, students not only contribute to addressing educational inequity but also gain invaluable insights into the challenges and solutions within Malaysia’s education system.

Through hands-on teaching experiences, mentorship, and professional development opportunities, interns develop crucial leadership, empathy, and problem-solving skills necessary to drive positive change in society.

Moreover, the internship provides a platform for personal growth, fostering a deep understanding of educational disparities and empowering interns to become advocates for educational equity.

Interested to intern with us? Here’s all you need to know:

Who we look for

We are looking for someone who:

  • Shares our vision and mission and is aligned with our Core Values: Sense of Possibility, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity.
  • Possesses good leadership skills, portrayed by active involvement in extracurricular activities/ volunteerism or activities related to social causes.
  • Has good communication skills.
  • Can work independently & open to learning new things.
  • Has solid written & verbal English proficiency.
  • Can intern for a minimum of 8 weeks and above.

Benefits and responsibilities

As an intern, here are some benefits you will receive:

  • A weekly check-in session to facilitate your professional & leadership growth.
  • An immersive learning environment, where interns are encouraged to incorporate their interests and personal mission into their job responsibilities.
  • Meeting a passionate group of like-minded staff and interns.
  • Possibility of flexible work arrangements, subject to approval.
  • Competitive monthly allowances: RM500 (A-levels-equivalent students), RM700 (undergraduates) and RM1000 (graduates).
  • In addition to daily responsibilities, interns may be expected to occasionally assist with additional tasks. We strongly encourage interns to be proactive during their internship, and to take advantage of opportunities to learn through a variety of responsibilities.

Available positions

Please refer to this list of available Functions for more information: Available Positions

Application process and timeline

We accept applications all year round and on a first come first served basis. Offers are subjected to vacancies available within teams, and also on the Intern’s availability. While the minimum internship period is two (2) months, we recommend for you to intern for three (3) months to have a fuller internship experience!

The start and end dates of your internship can be discussed further with the hiring team after the shortlisting stage.

Please answer the following questions and submit it together with your CV (both as PDF files).

  1. Why do you want to join Teach For Malaysia? What compels you to apply?
  2. List 3 skills and experience you would want to have gained by the end of your internship and why.
  3. Earliest start and end dates/period you are available (if unsure at this point).
  4. Top 3 preferred Functions ranked in order (please refer to document under ‘Available Positions’).
  5. Current age as per birth date (to ensure that we comply to the Children and Young Persons (Employment Act 1966).
  6. Name of College/ University and Course taken.
  7. Expected year of graduation.Note: The formal application will take 2 weeks for review and shortlisting. Upon successful shortlisting, you will be interviewed by the line manager and will be updated with the final result post-1 week.

Note: The formal application will take 2 weeks for review and shortlisting. Upon successful shortlisting, you will be interviewed by the line manager and will be updated with the final result post-1 week.

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What Our Interns Say

Why join us as a Campus Leader? 

Students benefit greatly from being a Teach For Malaysia Campus Leader as it offers a unique chance to ignite change and make a tangible impact within their university community.

By taking on leadership roles, students develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and project management while actively contributing to the mission of educational equity.

As Campus Leaders, students have the opportunity to organize events, raise awareness, and mobilize their peers to support Teach For Malaysia’s vision of providing quality education for all children. This role not only cultivates a sense of social responsibility but also empowers students to become advocates for educational equity both on campus and beyond.

Keen to become a Campus Leader? Here’s all you need to know:

Who we look for

All Malaysians currently pursuing their university studies are welcome to apply, regardless of year and subject of study.
University students who have at least 10 months of study remaining at a university, and who have previous experience as a student ambassador or campus representative are especially encouraged to apply.

We are looking for university students who demonstrate:

A Strong Mission Fit

You should have a good understanding of Teach For Malaysia and committed to our mission.
You are motivated to succeed as a Campus Leader and carry out your role at university.

Leadership Qualities

You are able to work independently and remotely.
You are resourceful and initiative taking when organising a campus event.

Organisational Skills

You are organised and capable of multitasking and prioritising work.

Interpersonal & Relationship-building skills

You are keen to build relationships with like-minded education champions at your university, including student societies and potential Teach For Malaysia Fellowship candidates.

You have, or are interested in building a highly-engaged network and online presence to reach students at your university.

Communication Skills

You are a good listener and encourage participation and engagement to influence others.
You have a high level of professionalism when representing Teach For Malaysia’s brand.

Benefits and responsibilities

As a Campus Leader, here are some benefits you will receive:

  • Professional recruitment training and personalised career and CV guidance.
  • Exposure and involvement in a variety of work to develop your professional skill-set.
  • Opportunity to expand your personal and professional network as an ambassador of Teach For Malaysia.
  • Play a vital role in the movement to end education inequity in Malaysia.
  • Opportunity to visit or volunteer at Teach For Malaysia’s offices and schools.

Minimum Duration of Programme:

  1. 1 Campus Leader term (1 year).
  2. Campus Leaders are expected to complete at least one term of service upon being accepted.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Generate interest and leads for the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship.
  2. Raise awareness about Teach For Malaysia’s brand and movement.
  3. Build partnerships with various stakeholders.
  4. General recruitment support.

Active Campus Leaders will have the opportunity to attain various benefits from Teach For Malaysia to enhance your employability, such as: a certificate of completion from the Campus Leader Programme, a Letter of Recommendation by Teach For Malaysia, as well an all-expense paid meal with Teach For Malaysia’s CEO and Leadership Team Members.

Please refer to this document for more detailed information:
Campus Leader Job Description

Programme Structure

The Campus Leader programme is designed to give you opportunities for personal and professional growth, and insight into the Teach For Malaysia movement.

  1. Become a member of the Campus Leader Global Community
    Join our global network of Campus Leaders to collaborate, thought-partner, and share ideas.
  2. Visit a Teach For Malaysia Classroom
    See how your role as a Campus Leader contributes to the work that Fellows do in school to empower students in communities we serve.
  3. Attend Professional Recruitment Training
    Learn from experienced recruiters on how to engage students and your network more effectively. Trainings will be done virtually for Campus Leaders located outside of the Klang Valley area.
  4. Plan and Execute Recruitment Activities
    Get creative and take charge of organising recruitment activities at your university! You will also work closely with a recruiter to carry out engagement events. Campus Leaders receive a set of Teach For Malaysia brand materials including a t-shirt, bunting, brochures and stickers to be used during campus recruitment activities.
  5. Earn a Letter of Recommendation
    Campus Leaders who perform their duties at a consistently high level may request for an official letter of recommendation in recognition of their excellent work.

How to apply

  1. We accept Campus Leader applications all-year-round. Upon submission, you can expect to hear back from us within 14 working days.
  2. To apply, please fill up the Campus Leader application form below. You will be asked to submit your CV along with your responses to a few questions about yourself and your university.
  3. If your online application is successful, a recruiter will schedule a phone interview with you to get to know you better.

Need Help?

Have a question? Send us an email at campusleader@teachformalaysia.org

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