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Our Core Values

The Teach For Malaysia team is united by the belief that all children in Malaysia deserve the opportunity to access quality education.

Sense of Possibility

We set ambitious and audacious goals in order to reimagine a drastically different education system and world to meet the needs of everyone. As a movement, we empower our students and communities to lead the solutions that will make the most difference.


We believe that when people love what they do, and believe in what they do, they bring their best self to work. We set a high bar of excellence in every aspect of our work and life in order to make the impact we want and to sustain ourselves over the long run.


We believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring every child realises their full potential to lead themselves and others. We collaborate radically with students, communities and partners from all sectors as an interdependent movement of collective leaders.


We believe in the power of authenticity, compassion, respect and trust to create transformational change. We place emphasis on what we achieve as well as how we achieve our goals.

Our Structure and Teams

Teach For Malaysia operates in Kuala Lumpur (Central office).


The Fellowship Team comprises Training & Support (T&S), Talent Acquisition (TA), Alumni and Stakeholder Engagement (SE) teams. TA recruits Fellows to join the Fellowship Programme and T&S develops Fellows to be transformational and impactful leaders who work to change the life opportunities and outcomes for Malaysian students. The Alumni team works closely with Alumni who completed the 2 years programme while SE works on strategic engagements with key stakeholders of the education ecosystem.

Program Duta Guru

Program Duta Guru aims to build upon existing systems to improve the capability of Malaysian public-school teachers in order to enhance students’ interest and competency in STEM subjects and their higher order thinking skills, in particular for the underprivileged.

Community Mobilisation

The Community Mobilisation team aims to empower communities towards collective action in education. We create opportunities for student impact and a platform that addresses education inequity by mobilising broader community leaders through partnerships. This team aims to build synergy across Alumni from TFM programmes and collaboration with other organisations.


The Growth Team comprises Marketing and Partnership Development (Fundraising) teams. They are on a mission to grow a movement of champions to drive scale in the number of Fellows we place in the Fellowship program to impact students, as well as to ensure sustainability of TFM’s impact.

Finance and Operations

The Finance and Operations Team in TFM oversees 3 core pillars (Talent Strategy, Finance and Operations) that are essential to ensure that the organization is run transparently and efficiently, and on top of that to provide a conducive working culture and environment that brings out the best in our people.

Meet The Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Chan Soon Seng

Soon Seng joined the inaugural Teach For Malaysia Cohort in 2012, and like many other Fellows and Alumni, the experience had a profound impact on his worldview. He was deeply moved by the challenges faced by students growing up in low-income communities and how it was the lack of opportunities, rather than the lack of ability, that prevented students from realising their desired potential. He holds a degree in Management and Marketing (Murdoch University) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Universiti Utara Malaysia). He envisions a holistic education system that not only develops students’ academics, but also their social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and leadership skills, in order to thrive in the 21st century.
Director of Finance & Operations

Haafiz Nordin

Haafiz was part of TFM back in 2015 as a finance consultant and the vision of the movement inspired him to return to the organisation in 2021. He has years of experience in management consulting, accounting and sustainability since 2012. He has also led several socially-driven, finance-related projects such as the establishment of a national emergency response fund and finance advisory support for social enterprises. Beyond Malaysia, Haafiz was involved in finance transformation for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia in 2019. A true cyclist at heart, he is also a bike advocate where he would take his bike to work and also to long distance cycling trips across Malaysia. Haafiz currently oversees Finance, Fundraising and Talent and Operations at TFM.
Director of TFM Fellowship

Zahirah Zulkifly

Zahirah Zulkifly, more fondly known as Zizi, is passionate about solving social issues. She joined TFM in 2011 as a Recruitment and Selection Associate; the same time TFM’s first cohort began the programme. Having progressed into her current role, Zizi now leads TFM’s public sector partnerships, oversees our Alumni movement and manages TFM’s regional strategies and operations in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor and Sabah. She is responsible for creating collaboration opportunities with key players within the education ecosystem and to drive TFM’s impact as a movement for change.

Zizi enjoys traveling and the journey of discovery of other people and cultures, as well as oneself. She holds a Master of Business in Sustainability and Bachelor of Business & Commerce (International Business & Management) from Monash University Australia.

Director of Community Mobilisation

Loh Ken Ming

Ken Ming is a Psychology graduate from the University of South Australia and started off his career in Human Resources at KPMG. In 2012, he joined the inaugural Cohort of Teach For Malaysia’s leadership development programme and taught English in a high-need school for 2 years. Passionate about youth development and serving underprivileged communities, he was formerly the head of Talent Acquisition team and recruited Fellows from the 2015 – 2020 Cohorts, as well as co-developed new innovations like Program Duta Guru and various special projects like the Learning Box, Tutoring Programme, and Meta WeThinkDigital. As Director of Community Mobilisation, the aspiration is to mobilise 30,000 people committed to tackling education inequity by 2030.
Head of Talent & Operations

Yi Ling Yong

Yi Ling joined Teach For Malaysia in 2013. Having been in multiple roles such as being the Recruitment Associate, Selection Manager and Talent & Operations Manager, she believes that purpose, growth and holistic wellbeing are the key tenets to drive the organisation forward.


She is now the Head of Talent & Operations and plays a crucial role in overseeing all talent related matters in the organisation, including recruiting and developing passionate talent to work towards TFM’s mission and co-creating a culture that allows people to bring their best and whole self to work. She aspires for Teach For Malaysia to be the greatest place to work – to realise the full potential of all talent in TFM, so that they can then translate their skills and passion into impact, which will realise the full potential of all children in Malaysia.

Music is a key part of Yi Ling’s self-care routine, she loves listening to jazz and playing the piano to unwind from the world. She holds a Bachelor of Accounting from Multimedia University Melaka.

Head of Growth

Fam Li Ying

Li Ying started her career with Goldman Sachs in United States after pursuing her studies in Psychology and Business at Stony Brook University. During her time in Goldman Sachs, she was a committee member of the Women’s Network and actively organised sessions which empowered and enhanced the experience of women professionals in the organisation. Passionate in building the social sector, she subsequently joined Teach For Malaysia, a non-profit organisation with a mission to improve education by expanding opportunity for all children and led the recruitment team in seeking top graduates and young professionals to teach in high need schools across Malaysia. She currently leads the Growth team where she cultivates and strengthens partnerships within the corporate sector, public community and also oversee the branding and marketing of the team.

Career Opportunities

Director, Finance & Operations

Kuala Lumpur

Head of Training & Support (Fellowship)

Kuala Lumpur

Marketing, Senior Manager

Kuala Lumpur

Recruitment Specialist

Kuala Lumpur

Stakeholder Engagement Manager (Fellowship)

Kuala Lumpur

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning, Manager

Kuala Lumpur

Recruitment Manager (Program Duta Guru)

Kuala Lumpur

Coaching and Support, Manager

Kuala Lumpur

Leadership Development Officer (Fellowship)

Kuala Lumpur

Programme Coordinator (Program Duta Guru)

Kuala Lumpur

Training Specialist, Senior Associate (Fellowship)

Kuala Lumpur

Talent & Operations, Senior Associate

Kuala Lumpur

Finance & Operations Associate/Senior Associate

Kuala Lumpur

Stakeholder Engagement Associate/Senior Associate (Program Duta Guru)

Kuala Lumpur

Design & Training Specialist, Associate/Senior Associate (Program Duta Guru)

Kuala Lumpur

Programme Operations, Associate/Senior Associate (Program Duta Guru)

Kuala Lumpur

Planning and Performance, Associate/Senior Associate

Kuala Lumpur

Alumni Impact Associate/Senior Associate

Kuala Lumpur

CM Operations Associate (6-Month Contract)

Kuala Lumpur

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  • You are deeply convicted by Teach For Malaysia’s mission and vision.
  • Challenges fuel and excite you.
  • You resonate strongly with TFM’s core values.
  • You believe in the power of working with people.
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Why Work At Teach For Malaysia?

Values and achievements are two sides of the same coin.

In TFM, we place equal importance on both achievements and our core values. As a values-driven organization – the deep belief in the mission, the pursuit of excellence for a good cause, the desire to collaborate because we know we cannot achieve our goals alone, and “doing the right thing” – are the backbone of our results and impact.

Work alongside like-minded individuals.

Working with people who share similar values and passions is not easy to come by, and most often taken for granted. Each of us in TFM are inherently different and unique, but what makes the journey together a joy is knowing that we have the same vision and values to anchor on at the end of the day, when the going gets tough.

Do more than dream. Make a tangible difference.

Have you ever dreamt of a job where you could do what you love, while contributing to the betterment of society? Wait no more! We don’t just provide you with a platform to utilize your strengths and skills, we give you the chance to use them for a cause you believe in.

Grow yourself through stretched opportunities.

TFM believes in empowering our staff to take up challenging responsibilities to drive their professional growth. Steep growth does not happen on a smooth sailing journey; it is during challenging times that we discover our hidden potential. We entrust you with big goals, while providing you with the safety net and support to fail, learn, get up and go again.

We are a collective!

If there’s one thing that stands out the moment you join TFM, it would be the immediate warmth and inclusiveness you feel from everyone. We are not kidding when we say that people will most certainly form genuine friendships at work! We genuinely believe that the way for us to end education inequity is to work as a collective, within the organization, and externally as well.

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