The 2030 Strategy

By 2030, TFM will be a movement of 30,000 leaders working collectively to enable children from underserved communities in all parts of the country to realise their potential through quality education.


new leadership in the education system

Attract and develop promising future leaders who will provide a quality education to students in high-need communities.


existing leadership in education at scale

Accelerate the development of the next generation of leaders within the Ministry of Education through leadership development programmes.


the movement to drive systemic change

Grow and continuously engage an inclusive movement of leaders across all layers of the education ecosystem to collectively scale impact.


Leaders By 2030

4 Strategic Goals to achieve our 2030 aspirations


To make our Student Vision a reality for all Malaysian children

  • Our students achieve the academic growth that enables them to pursue their desired pathway.
  • Our students develop the leadership competencies necessary to lead the solutions to issues they see in their communities.
  • Our students access opportunities that help students discover the world and their interests.


To become a trusted partner to enable the public education ecosystem’s transformation

  • Our brand is well known amongst all our key stakeholders, and our impact inspires them to take action towards change.
  • We are a leading voice in the national education debate through high quality research and advocacy.
  • We are recognised as a trusted partner by the Ministry of Education and other players in the education ecosystem.


To build a movement of leaders to tackle educational inequity

  • We recruit and select a significantly larger number of promising leaders to make an impact in low socioeconomic communities.
  • We will strengthen the way we develop leaders to provide a quality and equitable education through our updated leadership development framework.
  • We continuously mobilise and diversify our movement of leaders to address education inequity over the long term.


To build a sustainable, engaged, and values-driven organisation

  • We are the greatest place to work for our people.
  • We are financially sustainable and have diversified funding mechanisms.
  • We uphold governance and operational excellence, leveraging technology and our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) values.

Education inequity affects all of us, it weakens our collective economic and social well-being. Unless we all win in education, we all lose.

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