The Fellowship

Start your transformative leadership journey with the Fellowship as your foundation towards creating long-term systemic change in education.

The Fellowship Pathways

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Fellowship for Teaching Partner Pathway

For young graduates and professionals looking to make a meaningful impact in education in high-need communities in Malaysia.

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Fellowship for Orang Asal Graduates
An indigenous-led education programme connecting Orang Asli Fellows to their heritage as education champions of the community.
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Your Impact Career Starts Here

This Fellowship is the foundation for your impact career towards the future leadership roles and social impact opportunities.

Leadership Development and Professional Growth

You will be provided with training, coaching , externship opportunities, project support and learning resources to further develop your leadership skills during the 2 years.

Transform Education In The Long Run

Be exposed to various perspectives and approaches to tackling education inequity, which can potentially spark new ideas for impact initiatives.

School-Level System Impact

Collaborate with school teachers and the community to understand roots of education inequity.

Access A Global Alumni Network

Access international learning exchanges, graduate school opportunities, connect and collaborate beyond the duration of the Fellowship as a Teach For All and Teach For Malaysia Alumni.

Shared Purpose

Work alongside highly passionate and like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds championing the same vision and mission.

Community Engagement

Collaborate with the community to co-create, plan and implement initiatives based on their needs. Engage with stakeholders in different professional setting and build connections in advocating for the community’s needs.

Your Fellowship Journey

Unlock Your Leadership Potential 

Acquire these transferable leadership skills throughout your Fellowship journey. Apply them in a real-world setting and hone your unique leadership style as you make a meaningful impact. 

Communication Skills

Hone your communication skills by interacting with various people. Learn and apply non-verbal skills such as active listening and body language recognition.


Tackle any problems with ‘out of the box’ solutions. Look at problems with various perspectives and determine the best ways to overcome them.


 Learn to thrive outside of your comfort zones. Adapt to new environments quickly. Develop a lifelong learning mentality, and learn to adapt to just about anything.

Cultural Awareness and Empathy

Understanding different cultures is crucial especially in Malaysia is crucial. Build up cultural awareness and empathy to work better and be recognized as an respected leader.

Conflict Management

Manage conflicts efficiently and realign everyone’s energy towards the main objective. Build stronger bonds and understanding with every resolved conflict.

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We invite everyone who is passionate about education to join our national community of leaders. 

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The Fellowship Journey and Beyond

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Innovative - Some problems need out-of-the-box solutions. Innovative leaders are constantly in the look to innovate ways to improve

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