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Why I Teach For Malaysia – Azimi’s Story

By Mac 19, 2012No Comments

Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Perhentian is a school where students are lucky enough to be exposed to marine biodiversity. Through the Volunteers Association of Help Our Penyu Malaysia (a registered society otherwise known as HOPE), we conducted the Turtles Need Trees (TNT) Club, educating school children on the environment and empowering them to preserve the natural beauty of their home. At the end of each session, the children felt proud of the lessons that they gained.

It is this result that I wish to emulate in schools throughout Malaysia. Being a marine biologist, I have dealt with a host of marine conservation issues, from animal extinction to environmental degradation. Education is one of the most effective tools in tackling these issues. Thus, I want to facilitate the community to take a more active role to engage the various issues that concerns them.

At the same time, the community may already have an established group to carry out these activities, which may just need more support and assistance. After my time in the Perhentian Islands, I learned how vital it was to communicate with the island villagers. There were many who had great ideas to help bring developments and profits into the community. However, they were not confident of converting their ideas into action.

Being one of Teach For Malaysia’s Fellows gives me that opportunity to take whatever ideas that the community may have and help bring them to life. To put it simply: I want to be a Fellow so that I can help to bring changes to the students, to the community, and as a result, to our future.

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Marine biologist (and proud Teach For Malaysia Fellow) Wan Ahmad Azimi takes some lessons from saving the sea to make a difference not only in the classroom, but the community that surrounds it.  

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