The Problem

Every child deserves to create their own future and live a life they truly love. However, a child’s background and systemic injustices often determine his or her outcome in life. Children from less privileged communities do not receive the same education opportunities. The pandemic in 2020 has further exacerbated this gap.

1 in 5 Malaysian students do not complete secondary school

~50% of 15 year-old Malaysians are unable to read at level. Malaysia ranks in the bottom 27% of all countries for reading.

Malaysian firms say that 82.5% of talent lack management and leadership skills 

Malaysia has one of the highest learning losses among Asian developing nations, potentially resulting in a lifetime income loss of 767.5 billion ringgit for the 5 million+ students in Malaysia

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By 2030, Teach For Malaysia will be a movement of 30,000 leaders working collectively to enable children from underserved communities in all parts of the country to realise their potential through quality education.  

What Is Teach For Malaysia?

Our Impact

Teach For Malaysia is mobilising a movement of leaders to empower our nation through education. As we work to combat education inequity in Malaysia, we focus on creating sustainable, long-lasting impact in three key areas.

After my Form 6, Mr. Brian saw my potential in Mathematics, and worked hard with me to earn my scholarship to study Accounting & Finance. Now, I’ve graduated and am on my way to finish my ACCA. Thank you Mr. Brian, for helping me see a future beyond SPM, and empowering me to unlock my potential.
Shawn, student of Brian Geh, 2012 Alumnus

My mentors, Cikgu Loh and Sofea, has been my support system throughout my student life, and sparked my motivation to dream bigger. With their help, I managed to be selected for the 2022 Global Korea Scholarship. Teach For Malaysia has impacted my life to see the goodness in life, myself, people and the teachers.
Hajar Fazillah, student of Loh Chee Hoo, 2014 Alumnus

With the mindset of B40 kids, it can be very difficult to change them. Out of 25 kids we work with, we could maybe only help five students, or maybe just one. But at least we change someone’s life, and that is my aspiration.
Chiew Teng, 2017 Alumna
Founder of Impian Kencana

I wanted to serve my community using my knowledge, experience and exposure. I wanted to inspire my students that they can do great things no matter their background.
Faizah Rahmad, 2020 Alumna

At Edvolution Enterprise, we aim to improve our education system by building capacity in the state and district education department. As an organisation closest to schools, the districts play a crucial role not only in disseminating and executing policies on the ground but also to build a pipeline of leaders in schools. Here, Edvolution works with district officers to build Teacher Leaders; a strategy employed to train young promising teachers to assume leadership roles in schools and at the same time build capacity in district officers to be excellent leaders in their respective districts.
Melissa Tanya Gomes, 2013 Alumni
Co-Founder and CEO of Edvolution Enterprise

When Arus first started, we focused on developing our programmes for students. We were testing out so many new approaches, documenting new learnings about how to teach better and creating so much new content on multiple literacies and topics. Training other educators became an inevitable next step as we wanted to reach out to more students and ensure we could help and support as many teachers as possible along the way. To date, more than 70k teachers across Malaysia have participated in our in-person and virtual trainings.
Alina Amir, 2013 Alumna
Co-Founder and Business Developer of ARUS Academy

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We invite everyone who is passionate about education to join our national community of leaders. 


Youth leaders who make impact as full-time teachers in some of Malaysia’s most high need schools and beyond.

Program Duta Guru (PDG)

In-service teachers to upskill themselves through high quality professional development.

Community Mobilisation

Community Mobilisation aims to drive systemic change and scale our impact

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It takes a village to raise a child, our work is brought to life because we are joined by so many like-minded partners, supporters, volunteers, individual donors and fundraisers along the way. 

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