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The Problem

Why We Exist

Thousands of children do not get the opportunity to unlock their full potential because of different factors, such as how much their parents earn or where they live.

But imagine this – what if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of one of these students?

We want to reimagine an education approach that empowers all students to be leaders of their own learning, their future and the future of our nation.

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  • 447
    Fellows placed in schools
  • 167500
    Students impacted
*As of May 2019

Teach For Malaysia is mobilising a movement of leaders to empower our nation through education.

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to give all children in Malaysia the opportunity to realise their potential through quality education.

Founded in 2010, Teach For Malaysia is a proud member of the Global Education Network, Teach For All, a collective of education organisations in over 50 countries worldwide.

  • "TFM proved to me that they won’t negotiate on the quality of the teachers selected. This shows that the students will only be taught by someone who is 100% passionate about educating and I am so happy to know this"
    Cik Saiyidah Izzati, Individual donor

Our Areas of Impact

As we work to combat education inequity in Malaysia, we focus on creating sustainable, long-lasting impact in three key areas:
  • Students

    We place Fellows into classrooms as teachers to impact students.
    Our Fellows work at the grassroots level to transform learning in the classroom.

  • Communities

    We empower students to lead themselves and others, to become the seeds of change within their communities.

  • The Education System

    We partner with the Ministry of Education to transform education outcomes in underprivileged communities across Malaysia.

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Our Core Values

The Teach For Malaysia team is united by the belief that all children in Malaysia deserve the opportunity to realise their potential through quality education. We live out our commitment to the mission through 4 core values.

  • Sense of Possibility
    We set ambitious and audacious goals in order to reimagine a drastically different education system and world to meet the needs of everyone. As a movement, we empower our students and communities to lead the solutions that will make the most difference.
  • Excellence
    We believe that when people love what they do, and believe in what they do, they bring their best self to work. We set a high bar of excellence in every aspect of our work and life in order to make the impact we want and to sustain ourselves over the long run.
  • Collaboration
    We believe everyone has a role to play in ensuring every child realises their full potential to lead themselves and others. We collaborate radically with students, communities and partners from all sectors as an interdependent movement of collective leaders.
  • Integrity
    We believe in the power of authenticity, compassion, respect and trust to create transformational change. We place emphasis on what we achieve as well as how we achieve our goals.

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It takes a village to raise a child. Education inequity is not a problem that we can solve alone – we all have a role to play. Here’s how you can take action.
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