Community Mobilisation

To expand our movement and accelerate progress towards our vision, we are launching Community Mobilisation to drive systemic change and scale our impact.

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We would like to join hands with passionate changemakers like yourself to be part of the education recovery. By working with the leaders from B40 communities, you will gain first-hand experience and develop awareness on the learning loss and inequity among the students.

Learning Box

Students in limited or zero bandwidth environments can continue learning despite the pandemic.

Since July 2020, in addressing the challenges faced by students in rural areas due to the continuous school closures, TFM has innovated an offline learning resource solution – the Learning Box. The Learning Box project recruits students and teachers from remote areas to ensure that learning does not stop for them, despite the pandemic.

In such an unprecedented environment and time, the Learning Boxes have allowed TFM, in collaboration with our partners and funders, to contribute further towards education recovery. As a result, we have seen that the Learning Box has boosted student’s motivation to learn as well as generate curiosity and independent learning, showing promise in our efforts to bridge the learning gap of rural students in Malaysia.

The Learning Boxes are designed to focus on STEM subjects, and aim to spark curiosity and develop self motivated learners that are able to find practical and relevant connections between the learning objectives of the syllabus and their natural environment.

Sekolah Enuma (SE)

Gamified digital learning app that can run without internet connectivity

Improving foundational literacy and numeracy skills among primary level learners has been a major challenge, especially for schools in underserved communities who face challenges in teacher recruitment and retention and the lack of access to quality learning resources.

To address this, TFM partnered with Enuma Inc. to provide a scalable solution which is readily available and accessible to all schools, with a priority for rural schools, in Malaysia as a core component for an in-school literacy and numeracy strategy. Sekolah Enuma is a gamified digital learning application that is individualised in which a child, regardless of their abilities or prior knowledge, will be able to access anywhere and learn independently. Children play a placement test for each subject to determine their starting learning level within the Sekolah Enuma Learning Course. Subsequently, they are guided along a unique learning path for each subject that meets their individual learning needs.

To help children develop positive learning habits, Sekolah Enuma is designed to make the learning experience more engaging and joyful through attractive visual designs, interesting storylines and reward systems.

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It takes a village to raise a child, our work is brought to life because we are joined by so many like-minded partners, supporters, volunteers, individual donors and fundraisers along the way. 

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