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Young Innovate 2016: Meet our Makers

By October 23, 2016No Comments

The maker movement is sweeping the country. This year, our Fellows and Alumni coached a whopping 60 TEAMS of student inventors to compete at Young Innovate – a national annual maker competition for secondary schools. Students designed embedded system solutions to solve real-life problems based on maker open source platforms such as Arduino, 3D Printing and Python.

We are so proud of all our students for coming up with these wonderful ideas and inventions themselves, and are thrilled that 4 teams won awards for their inventions – 1 team even bagged the top spot in Johor as State Champions!

We’ve rounded up a little tour for you to meet some of our makers and their inventions. Which are your favourites?

1. ROCT N’ ROLL Remote-controlled Lifting CartYoung Innovate - Yen Ming - Remote controlled cart assists in reaching higher placesA portable lifting platform for those hard-to-reach places! Handy at home or at work.
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Teo Yen Ming

 2. Pick-Up-DudeYoung Innovate - Sue Ann - vacuum cleanerKeep your plantation tidy with this moving vacuum cleaner that sucks up fallen palm fruits.
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Yeong Sue Ann

3. Virtual Reality Tourism GogglesYoung Innovate - Thulasi - Virtual tourism projectThese goggles will takes you places! Just key in the GPS location of where you want to go.
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Thulasi Kumar

4. iFinderYoung Innovate - Albert - iFinder projectThis mini tracking device can help locate the exact longtitude and latitude of young children (in case they get lost), patients with dementia (in case they forget how to go home), or even in tourism to track the location of buses, for instance.
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Albert Lee

5. Atlantis Auto Reminder to Drink WaterYoung Innovate - Wan Ying - Auto water filter system - created pump from scratch by referring to YouTube videosThe team built the pump from scratch by watching YouTube videos!
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Lim Wan Ying

6. Anti-pododermatitis Light Distribution (APLD) SystemYoung Innovate - Warda - Agricultural project prevents overcrowding of chickensThis agricultural project prevents the overcrowding of chickens on farms!
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Wardatulnadhirah Zainal Abidin

7. Autoglow Magnetic RollerYoung Innovate - Wei Ken - Autoglow Magnetic RollerPicks up anything magnetic – and has a night sensor so it automatically lights up when it’s dark!
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Khor Wei Ken

8. Intelligent Steering Wheel [7th place, Penang]Young Innovate - Arus - Intelligent Steering WheelThis system detects whether the driver has both hands on the steering wheel. If only one hand is on the wheel, the driver will not be able to accelerate and the emergency lights will switch on to warn other people on the road that the driver is not paying attention!
Coaches: 2013 Alumni, David Chak, Felicia Yoon, Daniel Russel + Alina Amir (Arus Academy)

9. Snap King [5th place, Selangor]Young Innovate - Chumbaka Cyberjaya - Snap KingHelps tourists take selfies, and also helps detect intruders in the paddy fields at night. (Photos are uploaded directly to Snap King’s Facebook page.)
Coaches: 2014 Alumni, Nigel Sim + Chong Zhi Xiong (Chumbaka Cyberjaya)

10. Harnamzai Fish Feeder [4th place, Johor]Young Innovate - Nadia Nicole - Harnamzai Fish Feeder 4th place JohorThe Harnamzai Fish Feeder takes care of feeding your pet fish for you!
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Nadia Nicole

11. Farming Box [1ST PLACE, Johor]Young Innovate - Jiunn Wen - Farming BoxAn smart farming system that automates water and light for plants!
Coach: 2016 Fellow, Tan Jiunn Wen


Johor State Champions!Young Innovate - Jiunn Wen - Farming Box - Johor state ChampionsGood luck at the Nationals!

Want to find out more about Young Innovate? 2014 Alumnus, Wei Jie explains!

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A line-up of some of the exciting inventions by our student teams at Young Innovate 2016! 

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