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Why Should I? “A perfect platform”

By July 2, 2012No Comments

Teaching is a very honourable career in society. Being part of this program is indeed a privilege and a great opportunity for someone like me to contribute back to the society. I am amazed to see many students getting their aspirations from their teachers and regarding them as mentors in their lives. On average, a student spends between 5 to 8 hours a day in school, which mean that about one-third of their daily routine involves their teachers. Therefore, teachers have the ability to shape and help the children secure a better life in the future.

Teaching is not simply ensuring that students know how to answer exam questions or memorise facts and figures. It is about making them understand the need of education for their future. Our role is to help these children to love education and enjoy learning.

I have learnt a lot, especially in dealing with people and managing big projects; but I have always wished to do something that I really love, which is teaching. It would be great to see these young children get the best education and enjoy their learning. I know this would not happen overnight, but the self-satisfaction of seeing these children being able to succeed in life inspires me to want this.

I believe this would be a perfect platform for me to do my part for the society.

Ili Amirah Sulaiman, an Executive at Celcom Axiata Berhad who graduated from State University of New York  Buffalo in Industrial Engineering, has recently accepted the offer to be part of the Teach For Malaysia’s 2013 Fellowship. Find out why she applied to be a Fellow in today’s Why Should I? post.

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