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Why not have a no-gift Christmas?

By December 7, 2017No Comments

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It’s coming up to that time of the year! The time when we all crack our collective heads over what to get our friends and family – and hope no one buys the same presents as us!

But what do you get the friend who has it all already? How do we make our gift truly special? How do we make sure we’re not just giving more “stuff”?

“No-gift Christmases”?

Instead of swamping their loved ones with presents they don’t really need, a growing number of people are choosing to celebrate “no-gift Christmases”.

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That doesn’t mean no gifts allowed – rather, it’s a movement to rethink how we spend our Christmas budget. Are we giving gifts that actually matter? Instead of buying that designer jumper, why not spend your Christmas at the zoo? Or why not spend it doing good?

Giving meaningfully

The best gifts are meaningful – and nothing is more meaningful than giving to help others in need. Your gift of RM50 helps us sustain our continuous impact on the education of 2 students for an entire month.

This Christmas, why not make your present to your loved ones a charitable donation in their names?

Sign your loved ones up as monthly donors with Teach For Malaysia, and do good all year round. And the best part is – this gift keeps on giving!

Doubling your gift this December

In the spirit of generosity, our corporate partners have pledged to DOUBLE all donations we receive during the month of December. That means for every RM50 we receive, they will contribute an additional RM50 to our cause. This also applies to monthly donations – so if you become a monthly donor in December, all your donations next year will be doubled too!

An artistic representation of the DOUBLING process
An artistic representation of the doubling process – for illustrative purposes only

We believe that every child should dream, and be empowered to make their dreams come true. The donations we receive let us continue our work – empowering children from disadvantaged communities through education.

Making an impact – together

Through our Fellowship programme, we train and place passionate young leaders into schools with the greatest needs, to teach and pay it forward for the next generation. This December, every contribution of RM50 monthly enables us to empower 4 high-need students.

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So why not spread the joy of Christmas with a gift that’s truly meaningful?

Sign up as a monthly donor, and share the cheer for a whole school year! Make it a gift – if you’re giving on your loved one’s behalf, we’ll let them know with a personalised e-greeting card.

This December, consider giving the gift of opportunity to those who need it most, and make this Christmas a memorable one for yourself and your loved ones!

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