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#TFMWeek 2014: Day 5 Live Blog

By April 11, 2014No Comments

6:35pm – And that’s officially a wrap for this year’s Teach For Malaysia Week! Thank you to all those who joined hands with us to make this possible. We appreciate it more than we can express.

6:00pm – 2014 Fellow, King tells Cikgu Tricia: “It was a great class by teacher standards, not just #TFMWeek standards!”

5:29pm – From staffer Liew Suet Li, after observing participant Dr Lee Boon Hua of IPGM: “I’m always humbled by people who have such a big heart and takes educating children so seriously.”

5:20pm – “You have to be willing to talk to each other. Be friends with different kinds of people, be honest with each other, continue discussing” – Tricia Yeoh

5:06pm – Tricia Yeoh divides her class into groups to demonstrate the diversity of public opinion. “Tong yi or pu tong yi? Agree or disagree?”

4:50pm – Dr Lee Boon Hua, the Deputy Rector of IPGM, sure is having fun in his class!

Photo: Liew Suet Li

4:47pm – Tricia Yeoh from IDEAS is now teaching in her #TFMWeek classroom! She said “I wish you had a Fellowship for older people.” But remember, there is no age limit to the Fellowship – so APPLY NOW!

Photo: Joyce Tagal

4:05pm – Questions for Cikgu Amir from Accenture. Student: “Why dont you have a girlfriend? You’re cute!”

3:39pm – In Datin Kathleen’s class, kids are enjoying learning how to use the FrogAsia platform! Kids have to answer 10-20 maths questions correctly before they get to play a cool computer game.

Photo: Lee Yee Eng

3:15pm – Consultant Amir from Accenture asks his classroom, “What is associated with Japan?” Shouts from his students: “Sushi! Wasabi! Salmon! Samurai! Doraemon! Shin Chan! Ultraman!”

3:01pm – En Fadzli from JPN Sabah flew all the way here for his second #TFMWeek! Winning teams in his class get these cute prizes.

Photo: Sarah Lasung

2:58pm – If someone gives you a chance, take that chance. Don’t be lazy, just go and just do it!” – Datin Kathleen Chew, YTL

2:55pm – En. Kamaludin Ahmad, CEO of Etiqa, is a pro at getting his class to participate!

2:39pm – Cikgu Sue goes over her lesson with participant Mahfar Ali, Group Editor of Berita Harian.

Photo: Sasha Omar

2:04pm – Between participants, TFM staffers are tutoring Cikgu King’s students in mathematics!

Photo: Joyce Tagal

2:02pm – Datin Kathleen Chew of YTL has arrived at SMK Puchong for her session! “It’s an experience that me and the team really appreciate, so thank you for inviting us!”

1:39pm – Throwback to our very first #TFMWeek in 2012 over at SMK Bandar Baru Ampang!

Photo: Chan Soon Seng
Photo: Nicole Kow

11:40am – Participant Nik Sharifidin of Ethos & Co. helps students use English to buy and sell!

10:47am – “Don’t waste the opportunity to learn English and BM. Languages can open up worlds for you.” – Dorothy Teoh, The Edge Foundation

10:40am – In another classroom, Cikgu Ujval is introducing his students to Nik Sharifidin, partner at Ethos & Co.

Photo: Neoh Joon Kee

10:29am – Dorothy Teoh, CEO of The Edge Foundation, tells Cikgu Alicia’s students all about her job.

Photo: Liew Suet Li

10:10am – “Have goals. Differentiate yourself. Work hard. Stay good.. and you will be successful.” – Datuk Wira Azhar Abdul Hamid, CEO of MRT Corp.

Photo: Lee Yee Eng

10:08am – Participant Yeoh Chen Chow is promising rewards to the class if they do well in the year-end exams! If the class average score goes up by:

  • 35% – McDonalds
  • 45% – A movie treat
  • 55% – A trip to Aquaria KLCC!

“It’s a team effort, everyone must contribute to the average. One person can make the difference. So work together!”

Photo: Kevin Tham

9:40am – “Kalau sudah faham, ajar kawan lain.” No student gets left behind in Chen Chow’s classroom!

Photo: Kevin Tham

9:24am – Dr Ghazali and Cikgu Simon’s students are learning decimals with money – and scrambling to get into groups to make RM12.20!

Photo: Sawittri Charun

9:10am – “This is the Chief Executive Officer… In short, Boss.” Cikgu Nuruddin introduces Datuk Wira Azhar to his class.

9:00am – “Kesusahan keluarga,kemiskinan bukan satu halangan untuk berjaya, lebih-lebih lagi kalau ibubapa ada kerja tetap”.-Dr Gazali Abas

8:27am – Over in Segambut, participant Dr. Mohd Ghazali, Director at the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), tells Cikgu Simon, “You look more handsome in real life!”

Photo: Sawittri Charun

8:11 – Meanwhile, Yeoh Chen Chow from Groupon Malaysia is gearing up for his lesson with Cikgu Kit Yen!

Photo: Sheila Ganesan

8:09am – Datuk Wira Azhar Abdul Hamid, CEO of MRT Corp, is in school bright and early preparing for his lesson with Cikgu Nuruddin!

Photo: Jasmine Ong

8:03am – Well folks, here we are on the fifth and final day of #TFMWeek 2014. Our participants today represent the very best of the corporate world, with leaders from YTL, Ethos & Company, MRT Corp, The Edge, Groupon Malaysia, and more.

Join us each day as we capture the best moments during #TFMWeek 2014 on one convenient page! Just keep refreshing the page to see the most recent updates, starting from the top. You can also follow along with the #TFMWeek hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram to get updates in real time!

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