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#TanyaTFM: What is the Fellowship?

By May 26, 2017No Comments

Last week, we curated @twt_malaysia’s Twitter account!  Here are some #TanyaTFM highlights – in case you missed it.


The Twittersphere sent us some really great questions about the Fellowship. We thought this would be a good place to start:

#TanyaTFM 02a

Thanks for bringing us back to basics, @nooratiqahabdu1! TFM is short for Teach For Malaysia – we’re an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to empower our nation through education.

Why we exist: Education inequity
Did you know – 1 in 5 Malaysian students don’t complete secondary school? (Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025) Thousands of Malaysian children don’t have the chance to realise their potential because of many different factors, like how much their parents earn or where they live. We believe that a child’s education and future should not be determined by his or her circumstances in life.#TanyaTFM 02f

What we do: The Teach For Malaysia Fellowship
We’re mobilising a movement of leaders to be part of the solution! The first step? The Teach For Malaysia Fellowship – a two-year leadership development programme that empowers you to teach as a full-time, fully-paid cikgu at a high-need school in Malaysia. In other words, all of the below!

Twitter 2 question(That’s right, we are not a volunteer programme!)

One of our 2017 Fellows, Fatah hopped on board to answer some questions about what it’s really like to be back in the classroom. Fatah graduated with a Bachelor of English in Communication from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin. He is currently teaching at a high-need school in Johor.

#TanyaTFM 02b

#TanyaTFM 02c#TanyaTFM 02d2
#TanyaTFM 02g

#TanyaTFM 02h

We’re sure many cikgus out there can relate to Fatah’s responses:

“It’s fun! Macam artis hahah because for a moment, everyone looks at you anticipating your performance.”

“Even though the lesson lasts for 30 to 60 minutes, it is within that period you shape the pupils in your class.”


“I interviewed many teachers at my school and they said, no matter what, pressure will find its way to you.”

“Being resilient is one the greatest skills I’ve learned so far throughout the journey.”

“Teaching is fun.  Main struggle is all the paperwork.”

“Tips: 1. If you were a student, what would you want from a teacher 2. Become a magician – surprise the students 3. Ensure it is student-centered”

On top of teaching, Teach For Malaysia Fellows also impact their students beyond the classroom. Many Fellows run or get involved in different initiatives to open up new opportunities for their students, like this cikgu in Sarawak:

Huda graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Malaya. She taught at a high-need school in Miri, Sarawak and is currently working at Arus Academy, a social enterprise that empowers students from underprivileged communities through maker education.

#TanyaTFM 02i#TanyaTFM 02j2

“Where do Fellows get placed?” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions along with questions about salary and subjects.

Stuff question stuff editHop over to for more details, or check out our FAQs here.

Our impact to date:
About 300 Fellows and Alumni
in more than 100 schools
across 9 states
impacting over 44,000 students across Malaysia

The work of building a nation starts in the classroom. You can help empower students across Malaysia too. Apply for the Fellowship by 31 May – join the movement and be an agent of change.

Got a question? Ask us! Just use the hashtag #TanyaTFM or tweet us at @TeachForMsia. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or hop over to for more information.

Teach For Malaysia recruits, trains and supports Fellows to teach in high-need schools across the nation. Beyond the Fellowship, our Alumni continue to champion education in different ways. To date, we’ve impacted over 44,000 students, working with the Ministry of Education and other partners.

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