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Parents write notes to students – and their kids write back!

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“I felt touched when I read the note. I did not realise that my parents really care for me, especially about my life in school.” – OJS, 16

Research from around the world has shown that parental involvement is crucial to a child’s academic success. Last year, 2016 Fellow, Jessica Mary asked the parents of her Form 4 students to write notes of encouragement to their children.

These were simple, but needed, reminders – to know that they were capable; to know that they were supported; to know that they were loved.

We asked four of Jessica’s students about the impact the notes had on them, and what they would like to say to their parents in return.


IL, 16

I felt very happy and touched as I didn’t expect to receive tons of praise from my parents. It has put a smile on my face and has inspired me to be a better person throughout my years of living.

Every sentence in the note gave different meanings, and those sentences have boosted my confidence and made me have a clear motivation in life. It made me more cheerful and is the reason why I will never give up on anything I do. It made me willing to overcome many obstacles in life, and has helped me to conquer my fears. It made me realise that love knows no boundaries.

I want to thank my parents for everything they’ve done for me, from raising me to be who I am, to being tolerant of my mischievous acts. I apologise for everything I did when I was little. I remember myself as a very naughty and disobedient child.

In my next life, if I were to pick my parents, I’d still pick them as my guardians. They are perfect in every aspect. I would also praise them for their ability to raise me and of course, their capability in their profession and taking care of the household at the same time.


SS, 16

When I read my parents’ note, I felt quite motivated as they have put their trust in me. It has made my life feel meaningful. A simple note has made me realise that I must work hard in upgrading my level of education and life.

I would just like to say to them, “Thank you very much, and this note is very much appreciated. I will not let you down. That promise is sealed and protected by your only son. I hope that the promise will be valuable some day.”


NA, 16

Perasaan saya ialah saya rasa sangat gembira kerana kini saya lebih yakin bahawa ibu bapa saya sangat menyokong saya dalam semua perkara yang saya lakukan. Malah, saya rasa sangat terharu dengan kata-kata yang disampaikan melalui nota tersebut.

Nota tersebut telah memberi satu galakan hebat dalam hidup saya. Hal ini kerana, kata-kata yang disampaikan di dalam nota tersebut telah mendorong saya untuk menggandakan lagi usaha saya demi mencapai kecemerlangan yang diimpikan.

Apabila saya berasa sedih dan kecewa dengan keputusan peperiksaan saya, saya akan membaca nota tersebut bagi mendapatkan semula keyakinan dalam diri saya bahawa walau apa pun keputusannya saya sentiasa mendapat sokongan yang kuat daripada ibu bapa saya. Dari situ, saya mendapat semangat untuk bangkit dari kekecewaan dan terus berusaha memajukan diri dalam pelajaran.

Saya akan menulis di dalam nota tersebut dan menyatakan kepada ibu bapa saya bahawa saya sangat bersyukur kerana mempunyai ibu bapa yang tidak pernah berhenti memberi semangat dan dorongan sepanjang hidup saya. Saya juga hendak berterima kasih kepada mereka kerana sudi menulis nota sedemikian buat saya. Saya berazam bahawa saya akan terus memperbaiki diri dalam segala kekurangan saya dalam bidang akademik dan kokurikulum untuk membalas jasa baik mereka serta bagi mengukir senyuman yang terindah di wajah mereka.

OJS, 16

I felt touched when I read the note. I did not realise that my parents really care for me, especially about my life in school. From the note, it seems like they actually know that we are under heavy pressure with our studies.

The note inspired me in certain aspects. I really appreciate their love and care. As a student, I can only put more effort into my studies in order to not make them feel disappointed. As a child, I should automatically help my parents to do some housework when I am able to do so. I need to show my love to them by spending more time with them to do activities together or even just simply chit-chatting. Furthermore, I should be more obedient and not be so picky about the food that my mother prepared.

If I could write a note in reply to them, I would say thank you first even though I cannot thank them enough for all the love they’ve shown me my entire life. I also need to thank them for protecting, educating and raising me well. Lastly, I need to say thank you again because it is very important so I need to say it thrice.


Jessica Mary is an English teacher at a high-need school in Pasir Gudang, Johor. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management from the University of Greenwich.

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