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Overheard at TFM Week 2013: Day 3

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“Facebook pictures helped me learn English!” – Motivational speaker Michael Teoh knows what gets his kids excited

“I train hard to be the best. If you are persistent & work hard, you can reach your targets.” – National squash player Azlan Iskandar

Photo Credit: Azlan Iskandar

“I’m not gonna teach you to cook Maggi Mee today!” – Brian Chen, professional chef and Masterchef finalist

“Help one person at a time and start with the person next to you.” – Michael Teoh

Brian Chen: “What is ubat gigi in English?”
Student: “Teeth medicine!”

“I will put SMK Mahang on the map!” – Zeffri Yusof, Manager of Communications & Public Affairs at Google… while putting the school on Google Maps

Photo Credit: Zeffri Yusof

“To be a good journalist, you have to be curious…or in other words, kepoh” – Malaysian Insider Editor Jahabar Sadiq

“I found my passion in cooking, and in people like you.” – Brian Chen

Photo Credit: Brian Clark

“You are very fortunate to have Cikgu Fiona!” – Martin Ng, partner at Deloitte

“Nama gelaran atau kereta hilang?” – Jahabar, upon calling on a student and being told his name is Carlos

“I promise to be brave and ask questions!” – Student in Cikgu Azlina’s class

“Dream big, soar high and find your secret power!” – Christopher Tock finds life lessons in Spiderman

“The canteen food up north is better than the food I would pay for in KL.” – Teach For Malaysia’s Partnership Development Associate Director Imtyaz Azzat

“You need to know where you want to go so you can find out how to get there.” – Suresh Shanmugam, Managing Director of GE Aviation, and two-time #TFMWeek participant

“Mr. Suresh from GE must be butter because he is on a roll today!” – An impressed Dossier White, Director of Training & Support at Teach For Malaysia

“The last thing you should do is give up. If you give up, you lose everything.” – Suresh Shanmugam

It’s Teach For Malaysia Week, and we’ve rounded up the best, most inspiring, or funniest quotes we’ve been hearing in all our schools in this recap! Here’s the round-up for Day 3.To follow along with our #TFMWeek adventures, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter & Instagram (@TeachForMsia).

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