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#TFMWeek 2014: Day 3 Live Blog

By April 9, 2014No Comments

5.53pm – And that’s a wrap! We’ve got an interesting line up of participants for Day 4 so come back tomorrow for more inspirational stories from Malaysians who dared to do more than dream!

4:44pm – Seelan Paul shares his humble beginnings. He came from a family of 6, living in ONE room. They also had to borrow his neighbour’s school trousers.

4:42pm – “Kalau saya lahir 1974, umur saya berapa?” “14!!” Students being cheeky in Seelan Paul’s class.

3:51pm – Teachers remember Seelan Paul from when he taught PJK years ago! Yes, he was once a teacher! Here’s a warm welcome at TFM Week.

Photo: Fareeza Ilyana

3:46pm – Selfie time with Mr Tharman from E&O with his students and 2012 Alumni Oga Chan.

Photo: Neoh Joon Kee

3:15pm – “You don’t have pen or pencil meh? Take out from your bag. Let’s do this”, Datuk Yvonne encouraging a boy who hasn’t written anything down on his life map.

2:58pm – Tan Sri Nor Yakcop, Deputy Chairman of KNB teaches students a thing or two about buying and selling during a “marketplace” game in class.

Photo: Victor Lam

2:58pm – Students burst into laughter as Mr Gopalan speaks, “Ini kali pertama saya berdiri depan pelajar. Kamu tak nervous, saya nervous!”

2:58pm – Datuk Yvonne Chia to Form 1 kids: “I was just like you once. But look at where I am now.”

Photo: Connie

2:51pm – Mr Gopalan Govinda, Senior Vice President of Khazanah Penang helping students from 2 Murni in their Algebra Race.

Photo: Oga Chan

2:35pm – “I’m going to tell you how I studied hard, worked hard, played hard, failed hard and got up again to get where I am now. – Datuk Yvonne Chia

2:28pm – “Try again and again. Cuba dan cuba, jangan putus asa”, Datin Sitti Haishah told her kids after showing a clip of Nick Vujicic.

2:19pm – Datuk Yvonne Chia talking about her life as a bank in Mandarin,Hokkien and English in Mr Nigel’s class. The class is definitely engaged!

Photo: Tan Kai Li

2:16pm – Students mapping out their dreams according to these five simple steps.

Photo: Karthik

2:06pm – Ms Sue gave every student a copy of her book ” What is your dream?” She then asked the class: “Is box boy real or the butterfly?”

Photo: Karthik

1:54pm – What is a dream?

Photo: Ranjeetha

1:48pm – 2014 Fellow Charis Loke and founder of Magicbird Publishing Ms Sue Yian before entering class.

Photo: Ranjeetha

1:31pm – Datin Sitti Haishah: “Cita-cita adik nak jadi apa?” Students: “Saintis!” “Cikgu!”

Photo: Kevin Tham

1:20pm – 2014 Fellow Nigel and the former CEO of Hong Leong Bank, Datuk Yvonne Chia addressing students at their afternoon assembly!

Photo: Suet Li

12.29pm – Our next participants Datuk Yvonne Chia, former CEO of Hong Leong Bank, Quek Sue Yian, Founder of Magicbird Publishing and Datin Sitti Haishah from PADU, are busy preparing for class. Both feeling excited and nervous.

12:20pm – Next up, Cikgu Intan, an economist from World Bank, is in class with 2014 Fellow Cikgu Nadhirah!

Photo: Kar Hua

11.54am – Interactive teaching! Introducing the flying question Hello Kitty!

Photo: Matt Sheldon

11:51am – “If you don’t know, there’s just one thing you need to do. ASK” – Mr Kamaldin Nordin

11:46am – Joining hands with everyone in society to fight education inequity, working together to bring excellent education to all students in Malaysia. From left, 2012 Alumni and TFM Staff, Aisyah, 2014 Fellow Nadhirah, Intan Nadia from World Bank and TFM Trustee Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood.

Photo: Kar Hua

11:32am – Miss Janet’s next activity involves a blind folded student and the rest of the class yelling excitedly “JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! GOSTAAANNN!!”

Photo: Tan Shie Haur

11:29am – YB. Dato’ Seri Idris bin Jusoh asking his students about their dreams and ambitions

Photo: Chan Soon Seng

11:02am – Miss Janet Yap, Accenture Malaysia’s MD, conducting an icebreaker with her students and Cikgu Shearon. The task: form a line according to your birthdays without speaking. Nicely done!

Photo: Tan Kai Li

10:57am – “Take control of your life instead of being dictated – 12 years ago, that was my life..” – Han Isaac tells his story.

Photo: Zahirah Zulkifly

10:57am – Kamaldin Nordin from Bose teaching with Cikgu James in Penang

Photo: Lee Yee Eng

10:40am – Cikgu Hans Isaac preparing for his lesson with 2014 Fellow Cikgu Wan Sin.

Photo: Zahirah Zulkifly

10:35am – “Jangan malu nak belajar, jangan malu nak berjaya.” – Joe Sidek, inspiring students to do more than dream.

10:17am – Menteri Pendidikan II, YB. Dato’ Seri Idris bin Jusoh on a school tour with 2014 Fellows Yue Yi and Azizi.

Photo: Saha Omar

9:56am – Participant Neil Khor inspiring students in class with his story! “Back in my day there were only 2 phones in my village”

Photo: Syafiqa Roslan

8:53am – Participant Neil Khor, Senior Fellow at Thinkcity, is getting ready to start his class:

7:58am – Good morning! It’s time for day 3 of #TFMWeek, and staff member Aishah Zainol, a former Fellow, is back at the school she taught at for the past two years and getting a lot of “Eh Cikgu!” and “Selamat pagi Cikgu!”

Photo: Sasha Omar

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