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Core Values: Excellence

By Mac 18, 2014No Comments

What is the core value that you relate to the most and why? 
I would say that it is between Excellence and Sense of Possibility. Excellence, because I believe when it comes to working in a sector involving children, what more the future of children (and so many other people as well) they deserve nothing but the best. Sense of Possibility because working in such a set up as Teach For Malaysia (and even generally in life itself) there will be many moments that will potentially bring you down and affect your morale. But having something to work towards to or believe in gives you that hope that it will somehow work out.

Which core values are most difficult or challenging and why?
Definitely Integrity. Just thinking about it is scares me. Was every single action of mine (in relation to work) accountable towards the mission? Were the values that I believe in and that stakeholders invest in upheld in each decision made? Can I confidently say that it was the best decision at that point in time and be able to live with that? These are the questions that appear in my head when I reflect upon my actions and that is why I feel that integrity is a value that is a challenging one for me.

How have these core values impacted you? Do they contribute to your personal development?
These core values have challenged me to perform better at work by pushing boundaries (sense of possibility), giving my best at all times (excellence), and creating shared experience across different platforms (collaboration) and continuously keep me grounded throughout the process (integrity). Does it continue to contribute to personal development? Yes, as long as I allow myself to work with the core values in the manner mentioned, I will keep growing. There is no absolute bar of achievement rather stages of accomplishment that will continue to exit beyond where I am in the present.

Which core value do you see most prominently in your work within Teach For Malaysia?
All. No one is more important or better than the other. At all times we need to have the core values driving us. At different times one will prevail over the other but collectively all should be prominent.

Why do you think TFM highlights these core values?
Personally, I find this question to be tough and that my answer is probably too simple and may end up making a generalised statement or may just be a little too simplistic to satisfy the question but I believe that these four values are highlighted because it is what the founders of TFM believed in and these core values are easily transferable to anyone as well as necessary for our work.

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Here at Teach For Malaysia, we hold firm to our core values as we take on both our daily tasks and the ultimate goal of ending education inequity. Recently, Communications Intern Sasha Omar asked Senior Leadership Development Officer Sarah Lasung for her take on our core values. Here’s what she had to say:

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