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Core Values: Collaboration

By Mac 11, 2014No Comments

What is the core value that you relate to the most and why?
The core value that resonates to me the most is Collaboration. This core value has not only helped me in achieving goals that I have set for myself but has also helped me in my personal growth. I was able to bounce ideas off other people and together explore other potential solutions when faced with a project to complete. In addition, my interactions with others have also deepened my knowledge on areas in which I have limited resources. Through Collaboration, I was made aware of my shortcomings, which prompted me to constantly reflect on how to improve myself.

Which core values are most difficult or challenging and why?
The core value that I find the most difficult is ‘Sense of Possibility’. Having taught students who come from difficult backgrounds, it can be challenging to remain positive amidst an environment where the odds are against them. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and get caught up with the realities happening on the ground to the point of losing the big picture. When there is no sense of possibility, other values are compromised and questioned which in turns affect the mission.

How have these core values impacted you? Do they contribute to your personal development?
These core values have definitely contributed to my personal development. They have changed the way I approach work striving for excellence but at the same time being open and humble with my shortcomings.

Which core value do you see most prominently in your work within Teach For Malaysia?
Excellence is one core value that I see in my work every day. Everyone is dedicated in their roles and the mission. One can detect from the work atmosphere that everyone is working relentlessly and doing their best to help the Fellows and children.

Why do you think TFM highlights these core values?
All values are important however the TFM core values are essential in closing the gap of education inequity. As issues related to education are complex, it is necessary for TFM to focus on specific values in order for those involved to be aligned with the movement. These core values are specifically chosen as they embody how TFM approaches the issue. Sense of possibility is needed to sustain positivity in solving the problem. In order to solve the problem, we need to work relentlessly to achieve our own goals which is why Excellence is important. At the same time, as an organisation, we need to be humble and honest of our shortcomings not only to others, but to ourselves. This is Integrity. And in order to continuously improve ourselves, we need to Collaborate with others.

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Here at Teach For Malaysia, we hold firm to our core values as we take on both our daily tasks and the ultimate goal of ending education inequity. Recently, Communications Intern Sasha Omar asked Aishah Zainol, former Fellow and current Assistant Manager of Talent Admin (HR), for her take on our core values. Here’s what she had to say:

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