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As An Intern…

By Februari 21, 2012No Comments

On my first day interning at Teach For Malaysia, I was blown away by how well the staff were working together towards a dignified cause and the passion they showed. Working with the team in organising the press conference on 28th of July 2011 was a very warm experience for me.

In saying that the team was dedicated and committed would beyond doubt be an understatement. During my involvement in the preparations before and during the event, I was exposed to the amount of hard work required from each member of the team in order for the event to be a success. What was most apparent to me during my experience was the first-class working environment in which every personality in the Teach For Malaysia team contributed to. The light environment made it easy and comfortable thus allowing an exceptional flow of communication and cooperation. Everyone in the team was approachable and helpful, and everyone interacted on a friendly-basis.  What I appreciated the most was the degree of professionalism and how each member of the team would readily provide constructive criticism.

That morning itself, the team showed an amazing degree of competence and flexibility in keeping the ball rolling. Once we had gotten on-site, everything was going according to plan. Regardless of some minor errors, we managed to fulfil the aims set for the press conference. In the meet and greet session, I was struck with a sudden cognition of the wide-scale impact that Teach For Malaysia was presenting to the country.

People saw how we were all united in the same mission and it was very heart-warming to have been told that what we were doing was incredible and that the older generations were proud that we have decided to take action. It was very rewarding to realise that the role of every single person on the team was pertinent to making a significant impression on all those that we spoke to. There’s nothing like being surrounded with remarkable people who never fail to exert inspiration and warmth, and act with grace which is nothing less than a true representation of what Teach For Malaysia stands for, what we aim to achieve and how we go about doing it :).

Afzaa Aziz was one of Teach For Malaysia’s interns that assisted the Training and Recruitment teams. Read more on her adventures as a member of the team and her experiences as she helped out during a conference.

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