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My student who inspired me.

By December 18, 2015No Comments

“Harith is a student who has taught me a lot about life values.”

I want to share some happy news with all of you. My student, Harith has finally received his long-awaited offer letter to join the Army! He has been waiting for almost a year – with a lot of patience and perseverance. He is currently doing his 6 months of training.

What’s so special about Harith?

Cikgu Faiz and Harith (on the right) during one of their cadet training.
Cikgu Faiz and Harith (on the right) during cadet training.

Harith is a student who has taught me a lot about life values. When I graduated from university, I had no idea what I wanted in terms of a career. I have a degree in Biology, but I can’t imagine myself working in a lab conducting research.

Harith, however, has known what he wants from the very beginning. He wants to become one thing and one thing only; A SOLDIER.

And it shows. Being a former top cadet at school himself, he helped train junior cadets until his school represented Penang in the national competition this year.

You see, that’s the very definition of passion. His tireless effort has been translated into remarkable results which can only be achieved if you really love what you do.

I believe that one day, Harith will become a top soldier (he told me that he ultimately wants to become a paratrooper). I’m very proud to have been part of his journey to chase his dream.

Many of my cadets have been inspired by Harith themselves, and I’m excited to be part of their journey too.

Posted on Facebook by Hilmi Faiz Bin Mustafa Kamal on 20 October 2015. Hilmi is a 2013 Alumnus, who is currently in his fourth year of teaching at a school in Pulau Pinang. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Southampton University.

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