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Make Your Mark: Lead

By October 17, 2012No Comments
Janice Chong, TFM 2013 Fellow

“Education plays a big part in shaping the person we are. The future of Malaysia lies in the hands of the young generation today. I believe that children are entitled to the best education whereby they learn to open their minds to all the knowledge in the world and they learn values that will shape them to become upright individuals who can lead. Such entitlement to quality education shouldn’t be limited to one’s socio-economic status; in fact every child deserves it.”

Janice graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology from HELP University. She’ll be starting her training as a 2013 Fellow in just a few days!

Teach For Malaysia Fellows are leaders at heart. They are individuals ready to take on challenges and lead change. As a Fellow, Janice Chong hopes to build leaders of the next generation and she believes that education can do just that.

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