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Make Your Mark: Inspire

By October 9, 2012No Comments

Only 12 days till Institute when all our 2013 Fellows will start on their life-changing adventure! As we ramp up to Institute, we’ll be featuring some of the amazing individuals in this upcoming cohort and introducing you to who they are, where they come from and why they want to Teach For Malaysia.

Khaw Wei Young is a recent graduate of Pennsylvania State University in the US, where he earned his Bachelor of Science. Here, he shares with us why education is important to him and why he’s choosing to spend two years teaching in a high-need Malaysian school.

Khaw Wei Young, TFM 2013 Fellow

“Had I not been able to meet all my dedicated teachers, I would not be the person I am today. Through them, I have had a glimpse of success. By modelling these teachers, I also wish to inspire younger generations – especially those who have less access to good educational opportunities – to be successful.”

Wei Young will begin his training alongside his new colleagues in just under two weeks. Wish them luck as they prepare to be inspiring, transformative teachers in-the-making!

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