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Make Your Mark: Impact

By October 15, 2012No Comments
Meet Adam Rosli. Adam graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BSc in Molecular Bioscience & Biotechnology. In just 7 days, he’ll officially be a Teach For Malaysia 2013 Fellow! Adam shares why he’s so passionate about making an impact on the high-need students he’ll be in contact with every day come January.

Adam Rosli, TFM 2013 Fellow

“High-need students are just as bright as others – all they need are people who understand their struggles to help polish their potential and channel them in the right way. Throughout my enrolment in this Fellowship, I would hope to hammer down the education barriers that have been holding back many of our precious kids from success.”

The countdown to Institute continues. Just ONE more week till our new cohort joins the ranks of the some of the nation’s brightest minds and biggest hearts, working together for education equity!

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