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“I can’t leave my kids just like that.”

By February 16, 2012No Comments

“I wanna do a random shoutout to Chan Soon Seng and Brian Geh, who have been super duper awesome in school. They never fail to amaze me everyday, and they keep me inspired all the time.

Just last week Soon Seng conducted a talk to a group of Chinese students – when he doesn’t speak a word of Chinese! He managed to get – and hold – the kids’ attention, and it was awesome! I was also in his class today, and they were fully engaged! They are always smiling and even in his “lower” class, they participate and can’t wait to answer questions.

Brian [who teaches in the afternoon session] has been coming in as early as 10am to catch his kids who get to school and give them extra classes and personal tutorials. He is always so so eager to teach them whenever they have free time. He also gave up the opportunity to teach in the morning session. We all know how awesome he is in Physics and Add Maths, but he didn’t come over because he told us “I can’t leave my kids just like that.”

SO! I just wanna say that teaching is always, always better with them around! I love you both, and I think you’re doing AMAZING – despite you thinking otherwise!”

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The heaviest burden becomes easier to bear when there are others to help you along the way. Jasmine Ong finds inspiration to get through even her toughest days in the classroom from two other Fellows: Chan Soon Seng and Brian Geh.

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