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First Day Stories: Cikgu D.

By January 18, 2012No Comments

“This is a shoutout to my fellow collab Dipesh Sanghvi, who’ll not get to read this cause he’s internetless. But these are the amazing things he has done:

Last weekend, he visited about six or seven of his students’ homes. These kids are from the most challenging class and are notorious in school. Today I was in their class and spoke to some of them. I asked who their favourite teacher is, and they immediately said Cikgu D. They said he is the only one who cares, despite them always being the bad apples in school.

One boy (whose home Cikgu D visited) told me very sincerely that he wants to change, and requested for our help. He said he’s been searching for help but just didn’t know how since he has gone 10 years without studying AT ALL. He said nobody would go the extra mile to teach someone who’s a failure like him.

Today, I’m inspired. Inspired by Cikgu D’s sincerity, inspired by this boy’s willingness to change for the better. It’s snippets like this that made me realize how much we’re needed here.”

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Our Fellows find their inspiration to teach in iconic figures, in the kids they teach, in their loved ones – and in each other. This First Day Story is about Dipesh Sanghvi, but is written by one of the other Fellows posted to the same school, Liew Suet Li.

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