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Double Fellowship: Nigel Sim

By May 28, 2014No Comments
Nigel at the launching of the PPPM, where he also met a few Teach For Malaysia staffers, including Managing Director and Co-Founder Dzameer Dzulkifli

“The Perdana Fellowship is perhaps one of the most prestigious apprenticeship programmes in Malaysia whereby you work directly under a cabinet minister. It the perfect opportunity for networking — how often do you get to meet the Prime Minister of Malaysia and other important people whom are running the country? Or have ministers remember you by name? Or even get to attend closed-door functions? It is also a great place to meet future leaders of Malaysia and like-minded individuals.

The Teach for Malaysia Fellowship, on the other hand, is an extremely humbling experience. It is an experience that takes you from working in comfortable air-conditioned office to being drenched in sweat every day, from mingling with high-profile people to socialising with the local community and  from discussing and talking about national policies to teaching about basic literacy skills. This 180 degree turnaround made me truly understand the joy of giving and serving people who are most in need, and this is precisely what teachers do on a daily basis.

Teaching alongside Datuk Yvonne Chia during Teach For Malaysia Week 2014

Through both of the Fellowships, I have learned that to be a great leader, you need to know how to carry yourself in any situation and how to talk to anyone in just about any time and place. I would definitely encourage youths whom are interested to gain great valuable experiences to apply for both!”

The Perdana Fellowship is currently accepting applications until May 30th 2014. Teach For Malaysia is also accepting applications — the next deadline is June 30th, 2014.

Prior to joining Teach For Malaysia, 2014 Fellow Nigel Sim participated in the Perdana Fellowship program, where he got the golden opportunity to work as an intern for 6 weeks with Minister of Finance II Dato Husni Hanadzlah. Here’s what he had to say about his double Fellowship experience.

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