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A TFM Christmas: “There is hope yet”

By December 11, 2013No Comments
Team KASTEK SMK Seri Desa

Tomorrow Team KASTEK [Karnival Pendidikan Sains Teknologi] SMK Seri Desa, will be competing against the best kids from the best schools from each state at the KASTEK Nationals 2013. Altogether, 14 teams, including teams from Putrajaya and Labuan, will be competing against each other. The students have prepared well and invested a lot of time and effort to get to this point. Getting a personal visit from the Pengetua herself during training was really a huge morale boost for them, and all the good luck wishes from other teachers really show how inspired the school community is by their achievements. It is the first time that our school has come this far and with it came a sense of responsibility, not only to carry our school’s name, but also to represent the district of Kuala Selangor. It has been a long time since Kuala Selangor has won anything for national KASTEK events, or so we were told, (no pressure right?). If previously we competed for the experience, this time, we were there to do our best to win. The whole school was super supportive and even gave us new shirts to wear.

Team KASTEK with Cikgu Izwan

No matter what the result may be, I am SO proud of them, and most importantly, the whole school is proud of them. To me, they are already winners. Because of them, students in the school now have role models that they can look up to. They show how even a “sekolah kampung” can accomplish feats that they never thought were possible. They proved that race DOES NOT matter, that they can indeed work together as an effective team. More than anything, they remind the teachers in the school to believe that despite all the challenges that these students face every day, there is still hope for the kids yet.

Note: This reflection was written in the days leading up to the competition. Cikgu Izwan’s team placed 3rd at the KASTEK Nationals 2013.

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As we approach Christmas, we take the time to reflect on our greatest source of strength and inspiration: our students, and how often they can surprise us with their ability to achieve, as 2012 Fellow Izwan Abu recently found.
Staying in a hotel, with kids from different schools, the first realisation my students had was “Cikgu, mereka semua cakap Bahasa Inggeris.”

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