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One Day

By Januari 12, 2012No Comments

One day, I will see more students caring more about the environment.

One day, I will no longer hear any of my students calling out bad names to each other.

One day, all my students will actually sit in my lessons, listen, and learn.

One day, my students won’t have to mess around in class simply because they can’t follow along with the lesson.

One day, my kids won’t find convenient excuses to run out of my classrooms.

One day, I will no longer feel angry at inequity because my students will finally speak, read and write English.

One day, my students won’t have to crumple their diagnostic test papers because they can’t read the questions and are disappointed in themselves.

One day, my students will be able to write more than their own name on tests.

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From our first few First Day Stories, it’s easy to see that ending education inequity is no easy task. To help them get through those tough days, the fellows have a document they share, in which they write the goals that they hope to realise – one day. 

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