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Food For Thought: A Pending Fellow

By March 23, 2012No Comments
When I first applied  to be a Teach For Malaysia Fellow, I never thought that there were so many like-minded individuals willing to do what it takes to ensure that the goal of this program becomes a reality. Having been accepted into the 2013 Fellowship, I realised that this mission has been on the minds of many, some of whom have accepted the challenge to teach in high-need schools for two years with the aim to transform their students’ life trajectories.

But more amazingly, by being a part of the current Teach for Malaysia management team, I have begun to grasp the fact that it isn't just the Fellows. Every member of the Teach For Malaysia staff has been clinging onto the vision, working relentlessly, hoping to see that one day, all children in Malaysia will receive the opportunity to attain an excellent education. 

Indeed, inspiration comes progressively, and I may never stop getting inspired by this.

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