Students on the Big Stage

Multi-award winning musician Dennis Lau’s journey toward becoming an accomplished musician was birthed from humble circumstances of academic failure and his mother’s persevering love. “I am where I am today because I had people who believed in me, who provided me with opportunities. This concert is called ‘THE CHOSEN’ because we are all chosen for a specific purpose in our lives, to contribute towards the greater good. We are delighted to go on a musical journey with TFM’s students who have been ‘chosen’; to inspire and provide them with a platform to discover their musical talents,” says Dennis.

Over the last 6 months, Dennis and Fara Dolhadi have mentored the selected 4 students in vocal training, teaching them to become performing artistes. This life-changing opportunity has stirred up their ambitions, empowering them to pursue music as a future career. They will perform ‘Esok’, a song Dennis composed especially for them, at THE CHOSEN concert on 29th June 2019.

When I got the offer I was on a school trip. One of my TFM teachers called me, saying ‘Dennis Lau wants you to perform at his concert! If you are interested they will sponsor your vocal class.’ I was so shocked! But I didn’t know how talented I was.. I wasn’t confident at that time. I thought I’ll give it a try and see.”- Dania, 17, student at a high-need school in the Klang Valley.

TFM is grateful for partners like Dennis who share the same dream: To give opportunities to students to realise their full potential. To find out more, watch this beautiful video:

Video credit: Dennis Lau

Tickets for THE CHOSEN BY DENNIS LAU & FRIENDS CONCERT on 29th June 2019 are still available for purchase at TicketCharge  or by calling +603 9222 8811.

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