When Fellows complete the 2-year Fellowship, they are officially inducted into the Alumni Network.

Overview of Alumni Pathways

The Alumni Movement is a core part of Teach For Malaysia.

Regardless of their chosen career pathways, Alumni continue to work together across different sectors to champion for excellent education for all children.

To date, we have 447 Alumni as of beginning 2022.

Alumni Pathways

Our Alumni find success in a variety of roles after completing the Fellowship.
Here are some of the career pathways they have chosen.

  • Pathway : Corporate Sector
    "Being a TFM Fellow has helped me vastly to improve my emotional intelligence, enhance my communication skills with various stakeholders, presentation skills for formal/informal gatherings and negotiation skills with people from all walks of life."
    Dipesh Sanghvi, 2012 Alumnus
    HR Services Change & Engage Advisor, Shell Malaysia
    Chevening scholar 2019/2020
  • Pathway : Staying in Teaching
    "There's a steep learning curve to master teaching. It is just as challenging as my previous job as a consultant. Teachers have to craft lessons that cater to different students sitting in one class. We learn about each student's learning preferences, capabilities, their family background. Teaching is so dynamic. Every single lesson can be both exciting and draining - which is why I love what I do."
    Tay Lee Yen, 2015 Alumna
    Teacher at a high-need school in Selama, Perak
  • Pathway : Working with the MOE
    "In my second year of teaching, I co-founded a school transformation programme called Project GUSTO [...] The goal is to improve students’ learning outcomes by empowering teachers to lead and drive transformation in their respective schools. It is now in its final year and we have seen a tremendous change in the teachers and students."
    Melissa Tanya Gomes, 2013 Alumna
    Co-Founder of Edvolution Enterprise
  • Pathway : Academia & Further Studies
    "One of the greatest gains from those two years was the realisation that teachers' relationships with their managers are pivotal to their classroom practice, and that such relationships are strained in most Malaysian schools. Hence my PhD project: a comparative study on how to keep teachers accountable without triggering the blame games that damage student outcomes."
    Hwa Yue - Yi, 2014 Alumna
    Research Fellow, Research of Improving Systems of Education (RISE)
    Programme at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.
  • Pathway : Social Entrepreneurship
    "Teaching allowed me to understand how things were like on the ground. We have a lot of assumptions about our schools, our teachers and the education system but to be in a classroom gave me insight into the challenges that exist and led us to come up with a solution, through Arus.""
    Alina Amir, 2013 Alumna
    Co-Founder of Arus Academy
  • "Teach For Malaysia Fellows exhibit the kind of hard work, commitment, creativity, and civic consciousness that we prize so highly at Google.By supporting them in their mission to end education inequity, we help create the kind of individuals we want to see in our workforce - those with excellent skill sets forged in demanding work environments, who are keenly aware of the world around them an care enough to change what isn’t right about it."
    Sajith Sivanandan
    Previous Managing Director at Google (Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and new emerging markets)

Alumni Impact

Whether continuing to impact learning in the system, or championing for education in the corporate and social sector, our Alumni play a big role in transforming education for students.

  • 9
  • 447
    Fellows & Alumni
  • 712
  • 10
  • 167,500
    Students Impacted
*On the assumption that all Alumni taught 150 students each during their Fellowship, and including the number of students impacted through alumni-founded organisations).

From championing quality education through in the classroom to driving innovation through policy, research and third sector work, they continue to grow their influence and secure resources to support the movement.

Alumni Initiatives

In Year 2 of the Fellowship, every Fellow runs an initiative directed at social or educational improvement in their community.

After the Fellowship, some Alumni continue on as social entrepreneurs working in STEM, performing arts, literacy, school transformation, and student leadership.

Alumni Profiles

The Fellowship is a rigorous programme that develops Fellows to lead themselves, lead others and lead change. After the Fellowship, Alumni continue their journey of leadership both in and beyond the classroom.

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