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The work of building a nation starts in the classroom. Your leadership journey begins with the two-year Fellowship, where you will work alongside passionate, like-minded people to find innovative and lasting solutions to the challenges faced by students and their communities. The mission continues beyond the classroom through our growing Alumni network, where each person’s leadership journey is unique and self-directed, and where everyone works towards a common goal - to empower our nation through education.

  • 1. Who We Look For

    We recruit high-performing graduates and professionals from many different backgrounds who possess the passion, commitment and qualities needed to drive our mission. Candidates must have great communication and organisational skills, the ability to think critically, a spirit of collaboration and resilience, a keen appreciation for diversity, as well as respect and empathy for others. Students in the final year of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree are strongly encouraged to apply too.

    To be eligible to apply, applicants must have the following basic requirements:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in any non-education discipline (course must be completed by 14 August 2016)
    • Malaysian Citizenship 
    • SPM, 1119 or O-Level equivalent qualification
    • Strong academic and extra-curricular track record
    • Aged 32 years or below
    • Have neither applied nor received offers to teach in government schools prior to this

  • 2. How To Apply

    Teach For Malaysia uses a rigorous selection process to identify Fellows who demonstrate our core competencies. Our selection process covers three stages:

    Stage 1: Online Application
    The online application will contain questions on your:
    • Personal information
    • Academic background
    • Extracurricular and volunteer activities
    • Work experience
    • Other supplementary information

    Applicants will also be asked to submit:
    • Resume/CV
    • 2 short essays (300 words each): Statement of Intent & Reflective Essay
    Stage 2: Phone Interview
    Applicants will be notified if they qualify for the phone interview and web-based assessment stages, as noted in the Application Deadline: 2017 Fellows.

    Applicants will receive an email with a link to a web-based assessment comprising of problem-solving questions, which they will have to complete before attending their phone interview session.

    During the phone interview, applicants will speak with a member of our team to discuss their experience and interest in joining the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship.

    Stage 3: Assessment Centre
    During this stage, applicants will have to prepare and teach a sample lesson to a mock class, participate in a group discussion and attend a one-on-one interview. Applicants who reach this stage will be informed of the location of the assessment centre.

  • 3. FAQs

    What if I have a scholarship or an employment bond with another organisation? Am I still eligible for the Fellowship?
    Yes, through the Scholarship, Talent, Attraction and Retention (STAR) programme, JPA scholars may serve their bonds by joining the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship. Teach For Malaysia Fellows have also managed to secure scholarship deferment agreements on a case-by-case basis with their respective employers and scholarship providers. As an example, we have had PNB and Sime Darby scholarship holders join the Fellowship.

    Applicants with scholarships or employment bonds with other organisations may contact our team at for further information.

    I am a teacher in a Malaysian government school. Am I eligible to apply for the Fellowship?
    Unfortunately, you are not eligible to apply. In order for us to consider your application, you must not be studying towards or have completed a qualification that requires you to teach in Malaysian government schools. Please write to us at for further information.

    Which measure of academic achievement should I use in my application form?
    We understand that our applicants come from diverse educational backgrounds and school systems. Please select whichever measure of academic achievement is most relevant to your institution (GPA, Class of Degree, Cumulative Average, Other), and then fill in the result obtained.

    For example, if your institution uses “Cumulative Average” as its measure of academic achievement and your cumulative average is 78/100, please select “Cumulative Average”, and then fill in “7.8/10.0” as the result. If your institution uses a different measure of academic achievement, please select “Other” and indicate the system that your institution uses in the space provided. Please note that if you are invited to attend an Assessment Centre, we will ask for copies of your academic transcripts to confirm the score you have indicated.

    May I complete my online application in Bahasa Malaysia?
    Please write your application essay in English. There will be a specific point in the selection process to assess the fluency of Bahasa Malaysia later on during the selection process.

    If Teach For Malaysia is recruiting people to teach in schools, why not consider education related disciplines?
    The Fellowship program is a collaborative opportunity provided by both the Ministry of Education and Teach For Malaysia for graduates from non-education backgrounds to develop as a leader and teacher in the classroom. As a core element of the program is to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), candidates who have already acquired a qualification equivalent to or higher than a Bachelor of Education would not be eligible for the Fellowship.

    What is the Fellowship?
    It is an intensive, full-time, fully-paid, two-year leadership development programme where Fellows go through rigorous training to be equipped with the right skills, experience and mindset to drive our mission. During this time, Fellows will confront and tackle a host of challenges, learn to adapt their plans in order to achieve their goals, engage with different stakeholders to work towards a shared vision. 

    What is the role of a Fellow?
    1. Fellows will teach full-time in schools where local communities face different challenges. A Fellow’s key role is to significantly raise the academic achievement, aspirations and outcomes of their students by:  
    • Challenging students to set high goals and commit to achieving them
    • Creating effective instructional plans to match students’ needs
    • Delivering instructions in a clear, compelling and engaging manner
    • Carrying out and analysing assessments to monitor students’ progress
    • Getting to know their students to cultivate a culture of mutual friendship, trust and respect
    • Going above and beyond to empower students to shape their own future
    • Using creativity and initiative to build new learning opportunities
    • Collaborating with other teachers, school leaders and community members
    2. Fellows will have an opportunity run an initiative during their second year of the Fellowship. To do this effectively, Fellows will:
    • Research and design a project plan
    • Speak to and network with students, their families, teachers, school and community leaders to get them invested in the project
    • Fundraise and amass the resources necessary to implement the project
    • Apply effective project management during implementation
    • Troubleshoot and work through any challenges in its execution phase

    Why does the Fellowship last for 2 years? Is it possible for me to teach for 6 months or a year?
    The 2-year commitment is essential for one’s leadership development journey. The 2-year experience is also important to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by students in their schools and communities, as well as the conviction and insight necessary to become lifelong leaders in the pursuit of educational opportunity for all.  

    Will I be paid during my Fellowship?
    Fellows will receive a full-time teacher’s salary that is competitive with entry-level positions in other companies.

    What type of schools will I be placed in?
    Our Fellows are placed in government secondary schools across Malaysia where they work towards addressing the different socio-economic challenges faced by our local communities. Placement is determined by the Ministry of Education, according to the needs of our local public schools.

    Which states have Teach For Malaysia Fellows been placed in so far?
    Fellows have been placed in Johor, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Sarawak and Selangor. Placement is determined by the Ministry of Education, according to the needs of our local public schools.

    How does teaching develop me personally and professionally?
    Teach For Malaysia and our external stakeholders believe that excellent teachers employ skills similar to excellent leaders in various sectors. Fellows will be challenged to strive and excel in many tough situations which provide opportunity for self development and growth.

  • 4. CIMB Fusion

    CIMB Fusion 

    The CIMB Fusion programme with Teach For Malaysia is a three-year joint employment programme between Teach For Malaysia and CIMB Group, designed to give fresh graduates and young professionals a unique opportunity to emerge as a socially conscious leader with the technical skills to succeed in the financial industry.

    Individuals who are selected to be part of the CIMB Fusion programme will commit to the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship for two years, during which you will be given an unprecedented opportunity to build your leadership qualities through two years of teaching in the most challenging schools in Malaysia. After completing the Fellowship, you will then join CIMB Group as an experienced hire.

    Upon successfully completing the CIMB Fusion programme, you will be able to choose between joining Teach For Malaysia or CIMB Group as a permanent hire.

    The CIMB Fusion programme with Teach For Malaysia is open to fresh graduates and young professionals below the age of 26. To apply, log on to and indicate your interest to be part of the CIMB Fusion programme.

    Yayasan Khazanah Scholars
    As CIMB is part of GLCs, scholars may consider applying for the CIMB Fusion programme. 

    Scholars will be subject to the CIMB Fusion's normal selection process. 

    Service Bond
    YK's scholars are required to serve a bond between 2 to 4 years upon completion of their studies. Scholars may work at Khazanah Nasional or an approved organisation (e.g. GLCs). Working years at CIMB and its partners will be considered as part of the service bond for the duration of the CIMB Fusion programme.

    Upon completion of the CIMB Fusion programme and where scholars have not fully served their bond, scholars need to complete their service bond with CIMB (for scholars who were offered CIMB Fusion with PwC, Accenture, HP, Zicolaw and FCB KL). For scholars who were offered CIMB Fusion with TFM, scholars may complete their service bond either with CIMB or TFM. TFM is an approved organisation for YK's scholars. 

    CIMB Fusion Offer Letters
    Both CIMB and partners are not required to include clauses related to YK’s service bond in CIMB Fusion offer letters. YK will monitor the service years independently.

    Email for more information.

    Terms and conditions apply.

  • 5. Application Deadlines: 2017 Fellows

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